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Law 22,990  regulates that the PRP technique must be supervised by a Transfusion Medicine Service in charge of a doctor specialized in Hemotherapy.


PlasmaRichRegenerative Medicineto guarantee the quality and safety of the procedure.


What is it used for in UROLOGY?

In urology they are used for the management of surgical wounds, and it is being used with good results in:

SEXUAL IMPOTENCE: IMPROVES AND RECOVERS SEXUAL POWER by the formation of new vessels, stimulating the growth of capillaries and favoring recovery. It can be supplemented with low intensity shock waves and medication.

FEMALE SEXUALITY: Treatment of dyspareunia due to VAGINAL DRYNESS (pre and post-menopause, lactation, contraceptives). Stimulates sexual desire in women.  Increases Point G. Improves urinary continence.

Peyronie's disease: stimulates regenerative factors that improve fibrous plaque, providing benefits and improving curvature and pain.

What is PRP?

The use of Platelet Rich Plasma is one of the most modern cell regeneration techniques. It is based on the use of the properties that Platelets have to generate Growth Factors with biological properties that favor tissue regeneration. The technique consists of "harvesting" and "implanting" their own cells, responsible for cell regeneration in the right place, and in an amount impossible for the body to achieve without this direct input.

How is it obtained?

Through a simple extraction of venous blood, which will then be treated at that very moment by centrifugation and subsequent "activation" of the platelets to obtain the PRP. It is estimated that each plasma injection of 2 or 3 ml. contains 3.31 million platelets which in turn contain a large amount of growth factors (FC).

Are there risks of rejection?

NO, since the origin of the plasma is autologous, that is, from the patient himself. It has no side effects nor can it cause allergies.

How many treatments are necessary?  

This will depend on the pathology and the body area to be treated. Improvement can be noticed from the first application, in a few days, and may require, depending on the case, between 1 and 3 applications. 



FUR: wrinkles, aging, scars, stretch marks, spots. Face, neck, décolleté, arms, hands, abdomen, legs, etc.

CELLULITIS: stimulates the regeneration of collagen, improving the firmness, turgor and appearance of the skin.

HAIR:hair loss, alopecia.

OSTEOARTICULAR SYSTEM: arthritis, arthralgia, joint pain.

MUSCULAR: fast recovery in muscle tears and strains.

DIABETIC FOOT: improves vascularity. Decreases regeneration time on injuries.

Bedsores: increases healing and decreases healing time. It is supplemented with collagen.


As can be seen, the use of Platelet Rich Plasma is very broad, and it is growing daily.  In our Center we implement its use by incorporating state-of-the-art technology, which allows us to obtain PRP of maximum purity in a few minutes for medical and cosmetic purposes. 


Uses of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

sexology, sexologist, PRP, premature ejaculation
sexology, sexologist, PRP, prp, premature ejaculation
premature ejaculation, sexology, sexologist, prp
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