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Our vision


Form a homogeneous group of professionals, dedicated to providing the necessary care and information that the patient seeks when they come to us.


Supported by technology, we can carry out the urological studies that complement the consultation AT THE MOMENT, without delays that delay the diagnosis.




Our objetive


We have positioned ourselves as Urological Reference Center in the South zone, and now also with a presence in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, in Recoleta, with personalized and reliable attention, providing, together with the warmth of attention, the possibility of obtaining a quick diagnosis, carrying out the studies at the time of the consultation.




Our team


The discussion of the cases is part of our routine, expanding and considering all points of view.


Specialists with extensive experience and experience, constantly updated, make up our staff.


We are open to all colleagues who seek a specialized opinion, and in the same way, we have a large group of external consultants. Our priority is the patient and medical ethics.


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