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New technology

Use of low intensity shock waves for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


Most of the problems with the functioning of the erection mechanisms are produced in part by the circulatory deficit and also by the sclerosis of the small blood vessels, which added to a progressive fibrosis of the cavernous bodies culminate in the lack of erection or lack of quality in it.

This fibrosis - sclerosis and this circulatory failure occurs both in diabetes, as in Arterial Hypertension, as in Dyslipidemia due to cholesterol or in other Arteriosclerosis. Also in diseases of unknown origin such as Fibrosis of the Cavernous Corps or La Peyronie's Disease.

For this reason, the application of low intensity shock waves will provide a significant improvement, by fighting against fibrosis and sclerosis, and by producing a new vascularization.

The treatment will produce its effects progressively over time, observing the improvements between 1 and 3 months after the application of the Shock Waves. This treatment does not exclude at all the use of oral medications to improve erection. It can be applied while the patient continues to take their oral treatment. What is intended to be achieved is that the patient either stops needing it, or requires a lower dose or to take it more sparingly. In other cases, patients who do not respond to these drugs manage to respond to them, thus moving away from the need for an intervention.

It is done once a week for four weeks. The application of the treatment is painless and there are no known side effects in relation to the administration of therapy with Low Intensity Shock Waves.


sexology, sexologist, shock waves
sexologist, sexology, shock waves
sexology, sexologist, shock waves
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