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sexology, sexologist
sexology, sexologist

Intimate Surgery



In Women 


Genital alterations can occur, congenital (from birth) and other times due to trauma, such as childbirth, episiotomies, etc. 


This is usually hidden, in private and social life, and even out of modesty they do not dare to consult a doctor to expose their problem. 


Such defects can be surgically resolved thus improving their appearance and correcting the deficiency. 


Sometimes, the consultation is for feeling that the vaginal canal is too wide, that sensitivity decreases during sexual intercourse, and the same thing will happen.happens to your partner. With the addition ofnew laser technology, A quick, outpatient procedure without anesthesia, it is possible to regenerate the collagen of the vaginal walls, restoring lubrication, which is absent in post-menopausal women, increasing the tone of the vaginal walls, thus improving the sensitivity of the woman and her partner, and correcting mild and moderate urinary incontinence. The results are amazing. 

In Man 

In men, the surgical treatment of intimacy has to do with the correction of penile or genital alterations that cause a personal level, be they aesthetic, insecurity, or as a couple. 

Among others, we point to congenital malformations, phimosis, paraphimosis, exaggerated curvature, very short penis, short frenulum, hypospadias or epispadias, scars from previous surgeries with an unwanted appearance. 


It is also performed, but only in those strictly indicated cases, the placement of penile prostheses to solve the problem of dysfunction erectile sexual or lack of erection. 


The alternatives are numerous, and the first indication is that the man who does not feel satisfied, consults first, is properly informed of all the possibilities, and then decide on the best option. 

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