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In our days, many give their time the greatest importance. How much more is this worth when we must use it to solve a health problem? InUROLOGYBuenos Aires we put all our effort into making it count, making available to the patient a quick and efficient solution to their urological problem. 


When we decided to create our Center, the goal was for the patient to come with their problem, and leave with a diagnosis, based on studies carried out at the time of the consultation. 


For this we have the necessary elements and state-of-the-art equipment in the specialty, which allow us to arrive at an early knowledge of the reason that causes the inconvenience. 


The same happens when the patient attends only one control. The immediate completion of the studies avoids long waits and waste of time, adding emotional tranquility, almost as necessary as curing a disease. 


To this we add the professional treatment given by doctors, and sexologists who see the patient as sick and also as a person, with a personalized and friendly contact, without neglecting technical training and updates specific to the specialty, from knowledge, research into new surgical techniques, new equipment, attendance at Courses, Congresses, Conferences, Symposiums. 


We also try to offer the least traumatic solution, whenever possible, through mini-invasive surgeries, with a short hospital stay and quick recovery. The patient recovers better in the comfort of his home and accompanied by his family.


We have the necessary equipment for endoscopic surgeries. LASER technology allows us to treat prostate and bladder pathologies with little to no bleeding, and excellent post-operative recovery. 


Quality care, rapid diagnosis and the best solution are the parameters we seek. 


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