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Facial aesthetics

DERMAPEN The natural way to visibly rejuvenate the skin.

Greatly increases the effectiveness of other treatments such as:



The Dermapen Facial is a new and advanced treatment to strengthen, improve and rejuvenate facial skin effectively and quickly.

Thanks to transdermal biostimulation growth factors, collagen and elastin are stimulated, managing to rejuvenate, oxygenate and hydrate facial skin.

The Derma pen is a device with 15 microneedles that manage to work at 1,600 microchannels per second, achieving penetration of the active ingredients of 90%.

With this treatment we obtain multiple benefits and advantages:

  • Stimulation of Growth Factors

  • Increase and improvement of Collagen and Elastin

  • Rejuvenation, oxygenation and hydration of the skin

  • Regeneration of new and healthy cells.

  • Improvement in the appearance of the skin in broad strokes; luminosity, small wrinkles, hydration, recent spots...

  • This treatment is also used to treat weak or strong acne, rosacea, dark circles under the eyes, acne marks, sun spots, facial sagging, hyperpigmentation, and improve skin tone.

The treatment is carried out with topical anesthesia (in cream) to avoid possible discomfort to the patient. With the device we work the entire face achieving 90% penetration of the active ingredients.

The session lasts 30 or 40 minutes approximately and the patient may end up with a slightly reddened face, but this symptom will pass 2 hours after the procedure.

The results are seen very quickly; Two days after having it done you have facial skin with more luminosity, health, vitality and hydration.

Unlike the Dermal Roller, this treatment is less aggressive and works with better results.

This is the ideal treatment for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their facial skin.

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Lip Aesthetics

Highlighting long-standing lip beauty is a must. Profiling of the edges, volume increase, deletion of the "barcode", among others.

For this, Hyaluronic Acid and Plasma Filler are proven elements in tissue filler, with no side effects or adverse reactions. 

State-of-the-art Bio-Regenerative Medicine.

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